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Chemist Yutz by professorhazard Chemist Yutz by professorhazard
Chemist Yutz
April 2009
Wacom Intuos 9x12, Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0

A year and a half after the rest of the Final Snipe Hunt series of pictures was completed, here we are with a new addition to the group - Chemist Yutz. Chemists weren't a part of the original Final Fantasy group of job classes, so the fact that this comes after the first ones is fitting in a couple of ways.

Details like Yutz's red goggles and grey robot jaw were amalgamated with Final Fantasy V's character design to create a strong hybrid of the two. Double satchels from the Final Fantasy Tactics chemist design were added to close out the design. Hopefully, Chemist Yutz can find a team member some time soon to chuck a useful potion at.
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MisterChimpo Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2011
A solid design that takes from both sources, but not so much that it becomes a simple variation. The grey, mint, beige, and brown color scheme lends Chemist Yutz a bit of calm to him, with that nice dash of red in to give him just a bit of flair (but not too much). The combination mask/cloak makes me think of him as one of those "wandering purveyor" type characters, and I imagine those packs and pouches have much more space on the inside than they let on as well; probably needed if you want to carry 99 Megaelixirs all the time. The significance of the tabard and shoe pattern eludes me, however, and I'd very much like to know what the design represents?
professorhazard Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Good question! Ask the art director for Final Fantasy V - a Google search will take you to the image reference I used for the picture.
Yutz Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2009
I was also thinking of going with the Scholar class from FF3, but then I remembered scholars are lame for only being in that one game, and even then only being useful against one boss. Anyway, I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Thank you, prof.
professorhazard Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
No probalo, amigo. Let me know whenever you want to see yourself transformed once a-gain.
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